Bonnier Corporation 2019

A More Equal Working Life

Over time, the magazine market has also become an event and consulting business. U.S. based Bonnier Corporation offers these services.

Eric Zinczenko, CEO

Bonnier Corporation’s main business is the publishing of around 30 magazines in the United States. The focus is special interests, such as fishing, outdoor life and motorcycling.

One of the titles is Working Mother, which when it was launched in 1978 was a regular magazine aimed at working mothers. Over the years, Working Mother reached new audiences by offering conferences, events and through digital channels. Gradually, the purpose of the business became to achieve cultural changes in the workplace. As part of this development, Culture@Work was launched to focus on strategic advice and analysis.

More than 500 organizations worldwide have already found help within the framework of the initiative. The concept is building and implementing strategies to change an organization’s corporate culture, as well as increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The business approach is that a better corporate culture always starts with a deep understanding of the employees’ perspectives and experiences.

Working Mother still targets working parents, but today it also reaches out to minority groups in the workplace. In the United States, the magazine has played an important role in discussions about gender equality and diversity. At the same time, the event business strongly contributes to profit and sales. Another interesting source of revenue is license agreements; new ones were drawn up by the company in 2019. One example is kitchen utensils, which in 2020 will be sold under the brand name Saveur Cookware.

The development of Bonnier Corporation, from publishing magazines to offering events and eventually consulting services, reflects how the media market has changed over time, and how Bonnier Corporation has adapted to this transformation.

Bonnier Corporation

Sales: 1,197 SEK M (989 SEK M)


Number of employees: 325

Chairman of the Board: Jens Müffelmann

CEO: Eric Zinczenko

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