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Stories Across Borders

At times of change, we are guided by stories. Bonnier Publications’ cross-border publishing makes stories available to more people.

Jesper Buchvald, CEO

The concept behind Bonnier Publications is to let unique and powerful stories guide us in times of upheaval. Stories combine knowledge and entertainment. The traditional magazine is based on this logic.

Bonnier Publications focuses on special-­interest media, such as science and history, health and fitness, interior design and DIY, beauty and fashion. The core products are magazines, both printed and digital, but Bonnier Publications also offers new platforms and formats such as book series, travels, websites, apps and other digital services. This gives the stories a bigger spread.

Following are three examples:

1. I FORM is based on stories about how it is possible for everyone to become healthier. The stories are not only spread through printed and digital magazines. I FORM also organizes training trips and courses. This gives the stories brand-new channels.

2. Science Illustrated attracts the curious reader. Writing about science often requires great subject knowledge and an ability to bring to life complicated phenomena that can be difficult to make interesting. The magazine’s contributors create stories that are worth reading on topics such as black holes and cancer research.

3. Everyone knows how the Second World War ended. The war is one of history’s most depicted episodes. Yet stories of World War II are by far the most well read in the history magazines published by Bonnier Publications. One reason is that the writers have the opportunity to use the entire toolbox, of accelerated pace, character descriptions, abrupt changes and crescendos.

Bonnier Publications publishes more than 30 titles internationally. The originals are written in Danish and translated into Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Finnish, while also being adapted to local circumstances and angles. By utilizing the globalization of the media landscape in this way, Bonnier Publications make the stories accessible to more people.

Bonnier Publications

Sales: 1,208 SEK M (1,328 SEK M)

EBITA: 142 SEK M (119 SEK M)

Number of employees: 115

Chairman of the Board: Erik Haegerstrand

CEO: Jesper Buchvald

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