Our Companies

The Bonnier Group consists of companies focusing on journalism, books, digital services, film, e-commerce and real estate.

Bonnier’s new structure with operationally independent companies was introduced on January 1, 2019. The main idea of the new system is that responsibility and decision-making move as close to each operation as possible, creating a more efficient organization.

Bonnier’s companies operate in a variety of areas:

Bonnier Books comprises publishing house in Finland, Norway, Poland, the U.K., Sweden and Germany.

Bonnier News offers a wide range of media, from newspapers and magazines to e-learning and business-to-business services.

Bonnier Fastigheter owns, manages and develops real estate, and now also residential rentals, in Stockholm and Uppsala.

The e-commerce companies within Adlibrisgruppen offer books, toys and office supplies.

Magazines are the focus of Danish Bonnier Publications. In the U.S., Bonnier Corporation runs the magazine business.

SF Studios produces and distributes films and TV series targeting the Nordic market.

Bonnier Ventures is Bonnier’s venture capital business.

Boninvest owns listed Swedish shares and has investments in private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.